Madeleine Mc Cann

Ett undantag gör jag och publicerar detta som jag fick av en vän. Denna familj gör allt för att själva hitta sin dotter. Jag håller tummarna!

"This is real... it happened and is all over the news here in Italy... That is the only reason why I am sending this forward... U do what you think is right.. ?! /Manisha
PS! check the site below aswell.. for more info... 


Please read this message and pass it on!!!!!!!!!!!!!
As you are aware my niece is still missing and I am asking everyone I know to send this as a chain letter i.e. you send it to everyone you know and ask them to do the same, as the story is only being covered in Britain, Eire and Portugal. We don't believe that she is in Portugal anymore and need to get her picture and the story across Europe as quickly as possible. Suggestions are welcome. Phil McCann


Please pass this message on to everyone you know or have ever emailed especially anyone outside Britain, Eire and Portugal? let?s help bring Madeleine home!

P.S. I have added this picture as I feel it is a very important detail. Madeleine has a distinctive eye... the pupil on her right eye runs into a teardrop type shape. Please use your foreign contacts.